Nước Mắm Toronto is the latest venture of Chef Philip Nguyen, whose vision is to bring casual authentic Vietnamese food to Toronto. Inspired by Vietnamese cooking traditions and the women cooks in their lives, the guys behind Nước Mắm still use original recipes and traditional home-cooking methods passed down from their mothers today. The new pop-up is named after fish sauce, a key ingredient in all Vietnamese cuisine. Nước Mắm [nook—mUM] was created by Toronto chef Philip Nguyen in hopes of introducing locals to lesser-known Vietnamese dishes, including nước chấm [nook—chUM], the daunting pungent dipping sauce that few venture to try.

Phil Nguyen

Executive Chef

Featured Kits

With Mustard Greens & XO Sauce
Serves 2-3
•  Easy Prep
•  Ready in 15 Minutes


With Vermicelli & Peanut Sauce
Serves 2-3
•  Full Prep
•  Ready in 25 Minutes


With 5 Spice Candied Yams and Chinese Sausage Stuffing
Serves 2
•  Easy Prep
•  Ready in 30 Minutes



Nuoc Mam