Cheese Boutique is a gourmet emporium and has been supplying Toronto with succulent selections for over 51 years.

Mission: Gastronomic indulgence for everyone.

In 1970, we started as a humble Mom and Pop corner store on Bloor Street. Having grown into a gourmet staple and bursting at the seams, in the year 2000, we moved to our current home on Ripley Avenue, an industrial strip off the South Kingsway. Our epicurean emporium contains the cumulative knowledge of three generations, which has contributed to an augmentation in the variety and quality of our offerings. At Cheese Boutique, the epicurean wonders never cease. Prosciutto hangs from the ceiling, truffles are available in season, foie gras is a staple, beef is dry aged a minimum 40 days, olive oils are available from 80 different terroirs, jams are made with green walnuts, pastries are baked in-house, and chocolate truffles are flavoured with chipotle and bacon. But above all, one must visit to experience our astounding selection of cheeses from around the globe, for which “best before” dates do not apply.

Afrim Pristine

Cheese Master

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With Fig Spread, Flatbread, Crackers & Almonds
Serves 4-6
•  Easy Prep
•  Ready in 5 Minutes


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