Our Restaurants


Scratch cooking is at the heart of each of Chef Elia’s dishes. From hand-pressed tortillas to Mexican style pork confit and house made salsas, every ingredient is carefully chosen and, each day, transformed into memorable Mexican favourites.

Uncle Ray’s Food & Liquor

One of the newest additions to the Toronto dining scene, Ray’s serves up Southern US-inspired dishes alongside an ever changing offering of modern cocktails and craft beer.

Union Chicken

A full-service restaurant where guests are welcome to sit right up at the open concept kitchen and watch the ‘spitmaster’ expertly prepare our birds for your enjoyment. More than just a rotisserie chicken joint, guests can also enjoy a selection of sandwiches, fried chicken to share, mouthwatering sides, and decadent desserts. Wash it all down with our selection of craft beers, local wines, and cocktails that play off traditional favourites.

The Carbon Bar

A Toronto institution known for BBQ Beef Brisket and St. Louis Cut Side Ribs alongside modern takes on classic cocktails and an extensive wine list. Carbon extends its culinary offering with the carefully curated use of smoke and influences from the cuisine found through the US and Latin America.

Piano Piano

Piano Piano is the Italian restaurant you always wished was just around the corner. Sophisticated and fun, Piano Piano serves deeply satisfying food that comes in just the right size. The menu features traditional Italian fare that’s been elevated to its most delicious self. If there’s a common thread that runs through Piano Piano, it’s a deep-seated soulfulness and sensuality that’s at once warm, welcoming, and just plain fun. 

Nuoc Mam

Nước Mắm Toronto is the latest venture of Chef Philip Nguyen, whose vision is to bring casual authentic Vietnamese food to Toronto. Inspired by Vietnamese cooking traditions and the women cooks in their lives, the guys behind Nước Mắm still use original recipes and traditional home-cooking methods passed down from their mothers today. The new pop-up is named after fish sauce, a key ingredient in all Vietnamese cuisine. Nước Mắm [nook—mUM] was created by Toronto chef Philip Nguyen in hopes of introducing locals to lesser-known Vietnamese dishes, including nước chấm [nook—chUM], the daunting pungent dipping sauce that few venture to try.

Amano Italian Kitchen

Fresh pasta bar in downtown Toronto that was featured on Toronto Life’s list of best new restaurants of 2017. At Amano, Chef Michael offers up modern takes on classic Italian pasta Dishes.

Chotto Matte

Nikkei cuisine is all about quality, ingredients, and flavours. We care about where our food comes from and how it is produced. All of our ingredients are natural, locally processed, non-GMO, and made with no artificial flavouring.

The particular roots of this fusion lie in the importance both traditions give to fresh fish, as Japanese sushi, encouraged by Peru’s thriving fishing industry, mixes perfectly with the ceviche which is at the centre of many Peruvian menus. Thanks to our well-respected chef, Jordan Sclare, we are internationally renowned for the quality of our Nikkei cuisine and our contemporary touch.