Vegan Chef Matthew Ravenscroft has been cooking, and cooking plants, for over a decade. His culinary career began to take off when he was invited to work with celebrity chef Matty Matheson at Toronto’s then hot spot, Parts and Labour. From that point forward, Ravenscroft decided to explore every opportunity that was presented to him and experiment with new ways of cooking and developing flavours under some of the most talented chefs. 

Ravenscroft came to lead The Drake’s catering team, kick-starting and developing their off-site culinary experiences. This is where he really began turning his attention toward plant-based dishes and how to truly appreciate vegetables and give them the love and attention they deserve.  He then moved on to become the head chef and founding team member at Rosalinda, a popular plant-based Mexican restaurant in the Financial District, where he continues to dig deeper into vegetables exclusively, full-time.

Most of Chef Matthew’s inspiration comes from the connections he’s made in his travels, the local cuisine he’s enjoyed while sitting on a busy street corner, and by eating the creations made with love by the incredible talented chefs he’s worked with as well as those he looks up to. Ravenscroft has a knack for unusual flavour combinations and exploring different cooking techniques to get the very best out of his ingredients. From whole roasted vegetables, to deconstructed plates and simply creating new dishes that are so different and yet entirely familiar; expect the unexpected from him. 

Looking forward, Ravenscroft wants to continue spreading his love of vegetables through elevated, yet approachable take-home, vegan meal kits that are quirky and playful and inspire people to eat more vegetables. You can currently find Chef Matt cooking away at GIA– Toronto’s newly opened plant-based hot spot. 

“For me, cooking with plants is about finding a thread that connects them. I like to look at a dish as a circle of flavours,” he says. “And there’s an exploratory lens to my food. I love when things taste new, even when they’re things we recognize.”

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